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Nate Monteith doubles up at Kingsport Speedway

By admin | August 11, 2012

By Robert Walden
Kingsport Speedway Media/Public Relations

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (Aug. 10) — With scattered rain around the East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia region threatening once again this summer to wash racing out at Kingsport Speedway, showers steered clear of “The Concrete Jungle” and fans were treated to one of the wildest nights of racing action this season.


Nate Monteith of Blountville entered the night of racing atop the track’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series “Dalton Direct Carpets” Late Model Stock point leaderboard, while also sitting fifth nationally in points and leading the Tennessee state standings. The 30-year-old further aided his cause by winning both twin 30-lap events on Xtreme Trophies and More Night at the Races for his 10th visit to victory lane this season and 67th career victory.


Matt Bowling, current points leader at South Boston (Va.) Speedway, made his first-ever appearance at the track look like he was a seasoned veteran with many laps under his belt as he set fast-time at 15.279 seconds over the stellar 25-car NASCAR Whelen All-American Series “Dalton Direct Carpets” Late Model Stock field.


With an invert-four following qualifying, Adam Long and Lee Tissot brought the field to green from the front row. Completing the opening lap, Long and Tissot were battling for the lead side-by-side, while behind them Bowling, Monteith and Zeke Shell were in tow.


Long cleared Tissot to assume the lead on lap 3 racing into the first turn, and just two circuits later Monteith got around Bowling for the third spot racing off the second corner. With Long in command riding out front, he suddenly slowed exiting the fourth turn to bring the caution out on lap 7 following his car making contact with the inside retaining wall, which resulted in a flat left-side tire.


Tissot led Monteith, Bowling, Shell and Paul Nogradi Jr. on the ensuing restart. Back up to speed, action was fast-and-furious back through the field amongst several competitors. But up front the focus was on the battle for the lead, with Monteith getting to inside of Tissot to challenge for the lead on lap 11 racing into the first turn. You just can’t beat good short-track racing featuring door-to-door action for the lead, and Tissot and Monteith dueled for four circuits before Monteith moved into the lead on lap 15 racing off turn two.


The top-seven of Monteith, Tissot, Bowling, Shell, Nogradi, Blake Jones and Anthony Anders were running nose-to-tail around the .375-mile banked concrete oval when caution waved on lap 19 after Wayne Hale spun in turn four.


Going back green Monteith was primed-and-ready for an 11-lap sprint to the checkers. Getting up through the gears on the restart without spinning the rear tires under acceleration off turn four, Monteith clicked off consistent laps without making a mistake to win over Tissot, Bowling, Shell and Nogradi.


Anders, Jones, Hayden Woods, Ryan Stiltner and Robbie Ferguson completed the top-10 finishers.


Shell and Bowling led the field to start in the second 30-lap feature from the front row, with Shell moving into the lead over Bowling while Monteith and Tissot battled for the third spot. Caution quickly waved in the event on lap 2, which turned into a red-flag situation, after Tiffany Walker backed into the outside concrete wall at exit of turn two. Complaining of back and neck pain, emergency personnel were forced to cut the roof away from the car before extricating her to receive treatment.


Shell led Bowling, Monteith, Tissot and Nogradi on the restart. Monteith got around Bowling for second racing off the fourth turn on lap 4, leaving the door open for Tissot to waltz right on in to take over third and dropping Bowling back to fourth in the running order. Monteith got to inside of Shell to pass for the lead on lap 6 racing off (turn) two, leaving Shell to battle trying to hold his ground over Tissot. Shell lost the spot to Tissot on lap 8, with Tissot setting his sights ahead on leader Monteith.

During a long green flag run, both Monteith and Tissot separated themselves from their closest challengers to hold right at a three-quarters straightaway advantage over Bowling, Shell and Nogradi when caution waved on lap 20 after Nogradi spun between turns one and two.


Back under green, Monteith, driving the True Line Construction Co./KBM Commercial Properties/Pizza Plus/BSA Security Co./Performancenter Racing Warehouse/Upchurch Racing Engines/Griffin Radiators/Circle Racing Wheels/Pro Fabrication Racing Exhaust Systems/Hayworth Racing Brakes/Amsoil/Brown & Miller Racing Solutions/AR Bodies Aluminum Racing Products/ProParts Engineering Performance/The Joie of Seating/Sherwin-Williams/Primetime Designs Race Decals/WD Performance/Monteith Racing/No 44 Chevrolet Impala, hit his marks over the final 10 circuits to complete the sweep of both feature races in winning over Tissot, Bowling, Long and Anders.


Completing the top-10 finishers were Jones, Shell, Woods, Ferguson and Stiltner.


Roger Neece jumped into the lead at start of the 30-lap “Absolute Plumbing” Street Stock feature over Chuck Crigger and Greg Grindstaff. But on the move early was Surgoinsville’s John Harrell as he passed Grindstaff for the third on lap 3, and one circuit later racing off the fourth turn he got around Crigger to move into second. Setting his sights ahead on divisional point leader Neece, Harrell quickly closed to the leader’s rear bumper.

Harrell made his move to get inside of Neece racing down the backstretch into the third turn on lap 8 to challenge for the lead. The duo raced side-by-side into the first turn on the ninth circuit and throttling-up off (turn) two, Harrell powered his MW & H Construction/Mark’s Auto Parts/Perfection Plus Painting/J.D. Light Race Engines/No. 19 Chevrolet Monte Carlo into the lead. With the race running clean-and-green, Harrell and Neece began to put some real estate between them, Crigger and Grindstaff and several others as the laps began to wind down.


Harrell was in command over Neece coming to the stripe receiving the white flag, with Crigger and Grindstaff behind them in the running order. While Harrell, Neece and Crigger got past Mark Hawkins to drop him down a lap, Grindstaff and Hawkins tangled right about the flag stand. Hawkins was turned across the nose of Grindstaff’s car head-on up into the outside concrete retaining wall along the front straightaway, where both cars began lighting the night up with a shower of sparks coming from twisted sheet-metal. Hawkins’ car rotated on around and slammed violently on the driver’s side against the wall while being pushed along by Grindstaff. Hawkins finally came to an abrupt stop in turn one against the wall, while Grindstaff’s ride stopped between turns one and two under the scoreboard. With track officials and emergency personnel quickly on the scene at Hawkins’ destroyed race car, after a few minutes to finally catch his breath he managed to climb up out of his car with a little assistance and waved to the cheering crowd who had sat silent as they were concerned for his well-being.

Harrell captured his first Street Stock victory of the season over Neece, Crigger, Jared Broadbent and Rob Austin.


Keith Helton of Kingsport, driving the Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union/Citizens Savings & Loan/Jerry’s 24 Hour Locksmith Service/Direct Paintless Dent Repair/Catch 22/Signs & Designs Dunn Right/Putt-Putt of Kingsport & Bristol/Team Action Motorsports/No. 9 Saturn, emerged with the lead on lap 2 from a wild scramble between himself, Chris Neeley, Jason Ketron, Kenny Absher, John Ketron and David Trent, and it would prove to be a lead he never relinquished en route to capturing his first Pure 4 feature win on the season. Finishing behind Helton were John Ketron, Neeley, Jason Ketron and Billy Ketron.


Tyler Goodwin of Kingsport, driving the Bank of Tennessee/Bancsec Inc./Rockstar Graphix/No. 64 McAulay Motorsports ride, cruised to his 16th Legends feature win in 18 starts. Drew Shortridge edged Adam Gray for the runner-up spot, with Hubert Whitehead and Tony Wiggins rounding out the top-five at the finish.


Brandon Byington of Kingsport, driving the No. 11 Kenny Absher Motorsports Toyota Celica, captured his first-ever Rookie Pure 4 feature win over Josh Estep, Dylan Bates, Robin Hughes and Jimmy Hillard.



Showing Finish Position, Starting Position In Parentheses, Driver Name, Car Number, Hometown, Laps Completed In Parentheses

1. (3) Nate Monteith #44-Blountville, TN (30)
2. (2) Lee Tissot #7-Asheville, NC (30)

3. (4) Matt Bowling #83-Ridgeway, VA (30)

4. (6) Zeke Shell #97-Johnson City, TN (30)

5. (5) Paul Nogradi Jr. #02-Clinton, TN (30)

6. (12) Anthony Anders #36-Easley, SC (30)

7. (11) Blake Jones #80-Sevierville, TN (30)

8. (9) Hayden Woods #87-Piney Flats, TN (30)

9. (8) Ryan Stiltner #22-Grundy, VA (30)

10. (14) Robbie Ferguson #32-Jonesborough, TN (30)

11. (1) Adam Long #3-Pounding Mill, VA (30)
12. (10) Ronnie McCarty #5-Kingsport, TN (30)

13. (13) Austin Peters #66-Kingsport, TN (30)

14. (17) Royce Peters #38-Kingsport, TN (30)

15. (16) Allen Hawkins #14-Kingsport, TN (30)
16. (15) Wayne Hale #19-Bluff City, TN (30)
17. (19) Joey Trent #26-Gray, TN (30)
18. (20) Mike Potter #8-Johnson City, TN (30)
19. (22) Phil Harris #55-Piney Flats, TN (29)
20. (21) Mark Christian #43-Blountville, TN (29)
21. (18) Rick Pannell #33-Kingsport, TN (20)
22. (24) Dean Barrett #82-Abingdon, VA (19)
23. (25) Tiffany Walker #21-Kingsport, TN (14)
24. (7) Kres VanDyke #15-Claypool Hill, VA (10)
25. (23) Jamie Harrison #76-Church Hill, TN (8)


Showing Finish Position, Starting Position In Parentheses, Driver Name, Car Number, Hometown, Laps Completed In Parentheses


1. (4) Nate Monteith #44-Blountville, TN (30)
2. (3) Lee Tissot #7-Asheville, NC (30)

3. (2) Matt Bowling #83-Ridgeway, VA (30)

4. (11) Adam Long #3-Pounding Mill, VA (30)

5. (6) Anthony Anders #36-Easley, SC (30)

6. (7) Blake Jones #80-Sevierville, TN (30)

7. (1) Zeke Shell #97-Johnson City, TN (30)

8. (8) Hayden Woods #87-Piney Flats, TN (30)

9. (10) Robbie Ferguson #32-Jonesborough, TN (30)

10. (9) Ryan Stiltner #22-Grundy, VA (30)

11. (24) Kres VanDyke #15-Claypool Hill, VA (30)

12. (13) Austin Peters #66-Kingsport, TN (30)

13. (5) Paul Nogradi Jr. #02-Clinton, TN (30)

14. (14) Royce Peters #38-Kingsport, TN (30)

15. (15) Wayne Hale #19-Bluff City, TN (30)

16. (17) Joey Trent #26-Gray, TN (30)

17. (12) Ronnie McCarty #5-Kingsport, TN (30)

18. (15) Allen Hawkins #14-Kingsport, TN (29)

19. (20) Mark Christian #43-Blountville, TN (29)

20. (18) Mike Potter #8-Johnson City, TN (29)

21. (19) Phil Harris #55-Piney Flats, TN (27)

22. (25) Jamie Harrison #76-Church Hill, TN (11)

23. (22) Dean Barrett #82-Abingdon, VA (10)

24. (23) Tiffany Walker #21-Kingsport, TN (2)

25. (21) Rick Pannell #33-Kingsport, TN (1)


“ABSOLUTE PLUMBING” STREET STOCK (30 laps): 1) John Harrell #19; 2) Roger Neece #22; 3) Chuck Crigger #71; 4) Jared Broadbent #74; 5) Rob Austin #25; 6) Paul Shull #48; 7) Nick Cole #63; 8) Tony Ward #7; 9) Greg Grindstaff #3; 10) Rick Smith #33; 11) Mark Hawkins #44; 12) Chris Tunnell #6


PURE 4 (20 laps): 1) Keith Helton #9; 2) John Ketron #26; 3) Chris Neeley #94; 4) Jason Ketron #28; 5) Billy Ketron #27; 6) Kenny Absher #11; 7) Glenn Hughes #75; 8) David Trent #57; 9) Steve Skeen #17; 10) Darrell Whitehead #44; 11) Todd Cross #41; 12) Darby Fleenor #66; 13) Jonathan Reed #51


LEGENDS (15 laps): 1) Tyler Goodwin #64; 2) Drew Shortridge #32; 3) Adam Gray #37; 4) Hubert Whitehead #3; 5) Tony Wiggins #4; 6) Joey Padgett #83 – Did Not Start: T.R. Ward #09


ROOKIE PURE 4 (10 laps): 1) Brandon Byington #11; 2) Josh Estep #94; 3) Dylan Bates #6; 4) Robin Hughes #75; 5) Jimmy Hillard #74; 6) Tim Abelseth #66; 7) Nicholas Shelton #21; 8) Michael Jeter #51; 9) Austin Gray #17; 10) Roger Light #44; 11) Tammy Cross #41

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